Self-effort, heart-to-heart, step-by-step, all over the gold.
"Integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, safety" is the value orientation of the company's management decision-making and behavior, and it is an organic unity. Integrity is the cornerstone, innovation is the driving force, performance is the goal, and harmony is the guarantee.
Integrity: Honest and trustworthy, true and honest.
Integrity is the basic requirement of the market economy for enterprises. The company regards integrity as the foundation of its foundation, the basis of development and the source of credibility.
The company pursues a comprehensive concept of integrity. Enterprises, managers and employees must be honest. Not only must the company be honest in its internal affairs, but also be honest in its dealings with society, customers and partners. Integrity is concentrated in high standards of professional ethics and business ethics.
We will earnestly strengthen the ideological and moral construction of employees, and adhere to the combination of administering enterprises according to law and administering enterprises by virtue. Education workers are loyal to the company, keep business secrets, and strictly prohibit any behavior that harms the interests of the company for personal gain. Actively advocate honesty, unity and cooperation within the enterprise, work together and work together.
Adhere to legal business and pay taxes according to law. Continuously improve product quality and service quality, and strive to make customers satisfied. Follow the laws of the market economy, adhere to the principle of "honesty, credit", conscientiously perform the contract, abide by the external commitments, and ensure the legitimate interests of the partners. Ensure the truthfulness of the disclosure of information and firmly establish the image of a large, honest, reliable and responsible company.