The nickname for precision casting is the pouring of solid non-metallic non-metal water.

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2023-01-10 09:20

Precision casting can change the size of the machine, and it can manufacture machine machines and blanks. And it is condensing under the pressure.
The nickname for precision casting is to pour solid non-metallic non-metal water into the smelting mold opposite to the shape of the whole machine. After the casting is frozen, it constitutes our smelting goods. The smelting methods include sand casting, special smelting, fine smelting, V-smelting, and fine smelting outside the casting is attributed to special smelting. Interesting in forging, die casting is a smelting method using pressure smelting.
. The forged multi-drug is added with an external force to deform it in a coagulated form. He is filling the smelting mold with a higher progress of solid non-metal in a low pressure form. The whole machine smelted by the fine smelting method does not require processing, or it can be used in large quantities.
Precision casting investment smelting, die casting.
Through more than 10 years of hard work, all enterprises have been able to mass-sell the tools and high-quality flying castings with precise precision requirements. They are already having the skills and cost-effectiveness of the business and the import volume is increasing year by year. From the current situation, the overseas orders of the hot money companies are much more than the international orders, and they are indirect orders. It indicates that many international companies are still very strange to the domestic market. For overseas market development, there is a lack of Junjie, lack of input, and no understanding of the domestic market. Operational regulations have no essential breaks at the beginning, nor have they grown. In the future, it should not only prevent the expansion of enterprise units and rush to the top, but also guide the disorderly stagnation of the wealthy property chain, and promote the degree of China's fine casting industry as a whole, and complete the stagnation.
Take the lead in enhancing collusion, news, and standards; second, we must choose the positioning and stagnation of the company's goods, and the business associations should also give guidance.
One. Investment casting industry must maintain a sustainable stagnant road
One of the strengths of fine smelting is the ability to consume various alloys and extremely simple, thin-walled castings. The precision of the castings is high, the nominal roughness is low, and it can be done with little or no cutting. This is a comparison between sand casting and standard parts. of.
1. Strive to open up both domestic and international markets
Computers are being used in the consumption of consumer products, including ERP, CRM, CAD, PDM, CAE, etc., gradually completing the imitation of ideas, building and online trading and short-range development. It includes a small amount of dust, toxic and harmless gases, and emissions of waste and waste.
2. Requests for environmental discipline, regulations and norms are compulsive and the basis for sustainable stagnation
Conservative countries such as Europe and the United States have gradually transferred the cleaned sand casting to the stagnant China because of the high cost of casting and the request for environmental protection. Although the precision casting industry does not have the purification of conditions for the sand casting industry, it also has waste water and wastewater. A small amount of emissions, therefore, China's precision casting industry must be in the environmental protection, cargo structure, governance and other areas of the next skill, to maintain a sustainable stagnation.
The second is to build consistent raw and auxiliary materials, facilities, equipment, and environmental standards in the whole business. As a forcible industry regulation that spurs enterprise entry and property structure mobilization, it spreads to the property chain. This is widely available in many companies that do not have the same type. First, through the introduction and development of alloy fouling facilities, skills, and improve metallurgical quality; second, through the use of condensation to imitate hardware and other ideas of castings, to improve the rate of scrap; third is to strictly control the process of mastering, is making molds, shell materials and Increase the input on the process facilities and strive for the inefficient operation of the quality system; Fourth, through the construction and emptiness of castings, retouching facilities and clearing facilities without easy protection of castings, enhance the solution to make the castings more fine and beautiful; fifth is the perfect casting Harmless testing facilities, promote the quality of the security. Therefore, there are redundant applications for the domestic media to promote themselves and understand outsiders. There are redundant exits to join and appreciate, to stop more indirect depositors, and to have redundant views on “lean, honesty” and depositors to stagnate and expand business.
3. Introducing computer message management to improve corporate governance
Third, the government has introduced compulsive skills regulations and inspiration systems to guide enterprises to make active speeches and to increase environmental protection input and innovation. This is the main trade-off target for the cooperation of the promotion center.
4. Domestic-funded enterprises have the environment and power to open up international markets
Because of the sufficiency of labor energy resources and the change of environmental protection, the smelting of the prosperous country is also shifting to the stagnation of China. After China withdraws from the WTO, it is more beneficial for the entry situation of precision castings. China's fine casting enterprises should slow down the pace of informationization.

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