Precision casting parts hit the wall internationally need to be weak

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2023-01-10 09:20

Precision casting is one of the methods of smelting. Depending on the demand for the goods or stop the heat and cold processing. Precision casting is a special smelting method that is absolutely in the conservative smelting process. It can lose absolute precision and high precision of smelting.
The more extensive approach is: take the lead in the manufacture of the tweezers according to the request for the goods (there can be a small amount of allowance or no allowance), casting the wax by casting, losing the original wax mold; repeating the paint on the wax pattern Sanding age, softening shell and boring; then dissolving the outer wax mold, is to dewax, lose the cavity; roasting shell to lose the remaining strength and leakage function; pouring the required non-metallic materials; Sanding after shelling, thus losing high-precision waste.
In the past, due to the economic subsidence, the entrance of precision castings hit the wall, and the international demand was weak. The market for castings in front of the market is very infinite. In the process of robbing the market resources of the department, some enterprises with high quality and low profit will win; all enterprises with small scope, sufficient funds, and no cooperation in goods quality and profit can only Discontinued or semi-discontinued, if the economic and financial crisis is longer, the company can only open. In the first half of 2007 and the first half of 2008, the price of high-precision casting facilities has opened a group of well-casting and precision-casting enterprises. The current economic and financial crisis will stop China's precision casting facilities from reshuffle. According to this plan, the profit of secondary materials per ton of castings has risen by more than 2,000 yuan. If the price of iron alloys is re-thinking, the profit of castings will drop more. At the same time, the price increase of coke has also caused the rise of smelting profits. high. Subject to the sharp drop in the price of precision casting facilities, the one-sided price increase of castings is an inevitable trend. A certain account is not only a distinct consumer of the castings, but the casting users will also count, so the wave of price hikes of castings can not be prevented. The key point is how we use the smart and the users to stop the game with the users. It is in a new round of price talks. Reach a win-win situation. Based on the highest monthly price of the original data in 2008, the cast iron of the casting cast has no tax-free uniform market price, which has dropped to 2,800 yuan/t inside and outside, and dropped about 40%; the scrap fell to 2,000 yuan/t inside and outside, and landed. About 53%; the coke of the precision casting facility was reduced to 2,400 yuan / t inside and outside, dropping about 38%. It is not easy to see from the above introduction that no matter whether it is a fine smelting facility consumer or a fine casting consumer enterprise, it will face a serious challenge. Haixin Machine Company will change its mind in a chaotic manner, and will be a lofty user with one heart and one mind. Need more childish service!
. Survival of the fittest can be a bad thing from another standpoint.
1. Care must be taken when handling the shell to prevent the shell from being damaged.
2. When dewaxing, the dewaxing kettle door must be closed, so that the heat can be dissipated, and there is no sealing aggregate to be damaged or scratched. If there is a scar, it should be changed immediately.
3, the faster the loading repeat measures, the better, if the early work will form the shell first heat, because the wax material is larger than the shell heat shrinkage, easy to form shell protection.
4. It will clear the dewaxing filter and ballistics to prevent blockage. When the door of the wax kettle is released, it is impossible to put the foot in the door and prevent the hot water from burning.
5, wear a good glove when operating.

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