Precision cast stainless steel heat treatment technology

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2023-01-16 09:23

Ma Tian loose iron stainless steel: This kind of stainless steel body-centered cubic structure (BCC) can attract the magnet and get it from the Aostian temperature, which has the best corrosion resistance, but the material is hard and brittle, then it is returned. Fire can increase ductility, but corrosion resistance will decrease, especially tempering between 450 and 650 degrees Celsius, causing carbon atoms in the crystal lattice gap to diffuse and chromium to form a network of chromium carbide causing adjacent areas. The consumption of chrome element lowers the chromium content, prevents the formation of a protective film, and loses corrosion resistance, so special care is required. The following are the heat treatment temperatures for various granulated iron-based stainless steels.

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